Ecosystem Builders

SPECTRUM is part of a network of businesses that include Private Equity & Venture Capital fund management, fintech platforms and learning programmes. This foundation, along with our Alliances partners and members, creates a powerful ecosystem of resources and connections.


“Creating impactful ideas”

Learning Institutions

“Nurturing ideas and change-makers”


“Advancing ideas, creating propositions”

Our Team

“Validating propositions”


“Enhancing validated propositions”

G-Level Agencies

“Expediting proposition adoption”


Community & Learning

Community Builders

Our team is here to provide all the support you need to run your business and help you connect with the rest of the community.

Ben Ben

Ben knows SPECTRUM like the back of his hand. He keeps all our operations running like clockwork

Gibbson Gibbson

As our business specialist, Gibbson is here to help you find your match made in workspace heaven

Nick Nick

The tech guru of SPECTRUM, Nick provides IT support to keep things running as smooth as butter

Yvonne Yvonne

The bubbly presence of SPECTRUM, Yvonne helps our members and guests feel at home