Interview with Angie Ang, Nominee of the Women of The Future Awards


SPECTRUM: How would you use being the recipient of this award to influence others and how would it impact your career?
ANGIE ANG: Just making it to the shortlist of nominees for the Business Category of the 4th Women of the Future Awards South East Asia is already an honour. I am humbled to be placed among these other dynamic influential women and I hope that me being on this shortlist will inspire others to always put their best foot forward in their career and not lose their passion for what they are doing. This is a gentle reminder to myself as well that I can create the career path that I want, that I am passionate for, and to make it count.

SPECTRUM: What has been the biggest challenge in your career?
ANGIE ANG: My age. Being a summer baby, I never got to celebrate my birthday during the school term and I graduated fairly young compared to the rest of my class (which I wear like a badge of honour). My age was always a topic of conversation during job interviews and networking events. It starts off with people being impressed with how I looked on paper at first, and then when they realised my age – a great amount of respect gets discounted, as if my age alone determines my experience and my working capabilities. Nevertheless, I am learning a lot in navigating myself along the career path that I want; and I am glad to say that I am currently in a happier place with my career growth in Golden Equator.

SPECTRUM: If we asked a person you have mentored to describe you, what would they say?
ANGIE ANG: Loud, brutally honest, and all round goofball! I do not deny that I own those personality traits. Funnily enough, I was actually also nominated for the Mentors Award for this Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia and I had to collect some statement of recommendations from my mentees. So, here is one I would like to share that I believe sums me up pretty well:

“Inventive, Resolute and Responsible, those are the three words that I myself can associate Angie Ang with. She has been one of the remarkable players in numerous community development programs such as the Youth Advisory Group, and Young Professional Network Brunei in achieving their goal. Her true skills lie within mentorships and as a facilitator. In fact, she is one of those individual who I’ve known to be strong-willed in executing tasks and giving proper guidance accordingly. Angie can be a leader and one to follow when needed. These amazing skills can be justified by her involvement in several major youth projects with the partnership with the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports such as the Youth Townhall 2021. I’ve known her for more than a year now and her dedication and commitment has inspired others in many ways. Her enthusiasm and passion in helping our society has never diminished which led her to be featured in LinkedIn: 50 Most inspiring Icons in Brunei. I believe she is a great asset to others. With her participation and involvement, she is truly a gem in the community.”