Electric Vehicles in Singapore – Are We Ready for the Change?

As Tesla continues to grow and other major car manufacturers shift their focus to Electric Vehicles (EVs), governments around the world are assessing regulations to promote the use of electric cars in their cities. In Singapore, new incentives to promote the use of electric cars were announced this year to help the country achieve its targets for improved environmental sustainability and phase out fossil-fuel powered vehicles by 2040. However, the challenges such as the vehicles’ limitations on range available and the need to deploy charging stations in residential areas may hinder this goal, much like the case with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles which failed to take off.

Join us and Dr Anshuman Tripathi, Program Director, who specialises in the future of mobility solutions at NTU, to learn more about EVs and why they should be considered a key part of the future of mobility in Singapore and the world.